An innovative “Step down” recovery service for people with complex needs provided by a hospital in the heart of a welcoming community


Baldock Manor offers treatment in locked rehabilitation for men and women with mental illness, acquired brain injury (head injury and Korsakoffs syndrome), degenerative brain disorders (including Huntington’s disease), early onset dementia (as a secondary diagnosis) and elderly forensic.

We admit both detained and informal patients to Baldock Manor and have the expertise to admit those who may also have forensic history.

New service opening December 2017

We will be opening a psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU) for women on 4th December 2017.

The PICU specialises in the assessment and comprehensive treatment of women with a broad spectrum of acute and enduring mental health needs. We will provide care and treatment to inpatients who are experiencing the most acute phase of a mental illness. Our aim is to manage and reduce the risks associated with acute episodes of mental illness.

Patient involvement

We encourage patients to get involved and have their say in the way the hospital is run. We have an active forum for patients and they can participate in our governance process, including the interviewing of new staff.

Family involvement

We encourage family members to be involved in their relative’s care plan and we work closely with the family to facilitate discharge. Family members have generally been very complimentary about the care their relatives receive at Baldock Manor Hospital.

Vocational and educational opportunities

Patients in our care have the opportunity to gain experience in a working environment, and we will always support those who wish to further their education. Examples include:

  • Working with our maintenance team
  • Working with our housekeepers
  • Voluntary work with local charity shops
  • Local college placements, with which we have good links, and in some cases leading to an apprenticeship.

Getting it ‘right’ from the start is our commitment to our patients

Understanding the experiences of our patients is key to our success. We acknowledge this by providing a ‘settlement fund’ to all new patients, to help make the transition with us easier. This provides them the opportunity to purchase personal effects, to help personalize their own space.

Baldock Manor is situated in the idyllic market town of Baldock in Hertfordshire. The location is close to a large supermarket, local shops and the Library.