Mental health rehabilitation in Hatfield, Hertfordshire


The Coach House provides a vital stepping stone for individuals that are nearing the end of their rehabilitation and are about to be discharged into the community but require support with their transition. Our location allows for the best of both worlds as we are a beautiful Manor House nestled in the middle of a quiet leafy gated community in Hatfield for a relaxed environment but we are also about 5 minutes’ walk from the local town and large super store which makes accessing amenities quick and easy.

We have developed very good links in the community that we have partnered with to help us get our residents on their feet with opportunities such as voluntary and/or paid work, access to education, sports and leisure facilities etc. with our staff going with them when required to assist them with forming strong and lasting support systems plus supporting them with attending to day-to-day tasks that we all take for granted such as managing their budgets, supporting them with benefit claim, planning, shopping and executing meals. Our residents are supported to form their own networks in the community in a safe and supported environment which allows for a much more stable transition and has a positive impact on their quality of life.

Our clients may suffer from long term mental illness and have complex mental health issues. Their histories may reflect significant neuro cognitive and motivational defects and progressive social withdrawal and deterioration. Their histories may reflect significant alcohol and or substance misuse. They often have histories of repeated or prolonged periods of inpatient admission leading to institutionalization. Placements are available for 10 male or female residents aged 18 and over, some of which are in self-contained flat lets.

We encourage our clients to take the lead in their care and organise their clinical reviews. They will be supported to find work and accommodation and will be given the opportunity to interview their own staff and make their own appointments to see health professionals in the community. They will have a personal trainer and will plan their fitness system for their lives in the community.