The independence to progress, the support to achieve


Eltisley Manor is a registered psychiatric nursing care home located near to St Neot’s, Cambridgeshire.

There are three distinct services provided at Eltisley Manor:

The Orchard

With accommodation for 18 residents both male and female aged 18+, we provide specialist care for individuals with complex mental health issues in a settled environment while they address the challenges of a return to independent living.

The Limes

Placements for 15 male and female residents aged 50+, whose advancing years exclude them from many psychiatric services while their enduring mental illness excludes them from ‘regular’ nursing homes.

With residents’ quality of life at the core, a primary focus is to avoid further institutionalisation by encouraging increased independence to the level that each individual can achieve.

The Coachhouse

The Coachhouse provides a move on towards supported community living.  The service – in a four bedroomed house – provides a transition from The Orchard to further independence whilst exploring rehabilitation issues that may not have arisen previously.  All with the support of a familiar staff team

Residents’ Case Studies