The well-being of our residents is at the centre of all our work.  Below are some testimonials from a few of our residents and their relatives.  They are published unedited in their entirety.


Residents’ Testimonials

“My main basis of recovery was support of the staff. I feel keeping busy is a key factor to maintaining health i.e voluntary work, social events, de stressing and relaxing techniques such as meditating are thoroughly important in keeping me well.”

Resident of Howe Dell Manor

“I have had a good year. I have sold seven oil paintings. I have had very good healthcare. I have no complaints. They are very good people.”

Resident of Windsor House

“It’s been enjoyable over the last few years. They accommodate us very well. The staff are respectable. The service is good. Also there are trips out. I live inside the company in a house with two good friends and they are nice.”

Resident of Windsor House

“My time at Windsor house has been pretty good; staff have been friendly and kind. I don’t feel as paranoid as I was before. I come here all in all a good experience.”

Resident of Windsor House


Relatives’ Testimonials

“In all the years that I have served as ‘next of kin’ to David I have never seen such high quality in the administrative side to his care. Your hard work and that of the rest of the staff of is much appreciated by all of us related to David.”

“It is a tremendous comfort to me and my mother to witness the patience, care and consideration that your staff show towards my brother, despite his behaviour that is sometimes so very difficult and aggressive.”

Sister of resident of resident at Eltisley Manor

“This card is to say Thank you to you and your staff for the welcome I received on my recent visit to see my eldest son David.

David was an intelligent and sociable child; at board-school he was Captain of Sailing. But in his late teens his character and behaviour changed, for no apparent reason. Years ago one doctor suggested the reason may be genetic.

I cannot thank you enough, for the care I can see that my son is receiving at Eltisley Manor, to you and your staff.”

Mother of resident at Eltisley Manor