The time to adapt, the space to grow


Located in Stevenage, Winnett Cottage is an innovative service set up to spearhead 21st century active rehabilitation in a truly relaxed and homely environment. The ethos of the staff team is to support the resident in the continuum of their journey through their care pathway to recovery, and to help them harness and secure skills that will enable them to thrive independently in the community.

Winnett Cottage is part of the integrated male care pathway within Nouvita, which also includes our hospital in Baldock and mental health rehabilitation services at Eltisely Manor and Howe Dell Manor respectively.

We encourage residents to individually identify their goals and agree a plan on how to achieve them using the Recovery Star.

Residents are linked up with work opportunities, education at the local College and meaningful activities as provided by Mind and YMCA who offer a full range of therapeutic and leisurely activities that our residents can continue using long after discharge.

Residents’ Case Studies